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Long Term Staffing/Project Staffing/Contract Staffing
Temp-to-Perm/Contract-to-hire Staffing

We have a great group of temporary associates ready and willing to do a good job for you on a short- or long-term basis.

We know people don't always have a positive image of "temps" but we really do have energetic, professional, flexible and adaptable temporary associates who understand that you need help and that they are there to provide it.

New clients call us up so often to rave about how we sent someone "who really could do the job" that it makes us wonder - who is everyone else sending?

So, if you need one person or a dozen...try us...we promise that you will like our people!
temp-to-hire info
Temp-to-hire is a great opportunity to work with a prospective employee to see if they are a great match.

How does it work?
Our candidate works for you for a minimum of 500 hours at the agreed-upon rate.  You can convert them to your payroll with no additional fees anytime after the candidate has worked the 500 hours

How does the payroll service work?.
After you select the employees you want, S W Staffing Solutions does the rest. We assume all payroll costs and employer liabilities for a percentage over the pay rate. You pay only for time worked-no benefits, including vacation, holidays, or sick leave. S W Staffing Solutions is responsible for unemployment and workers’ compensation claims. 

How much will it cost my company?
Your cost will vary based on several factors including account volume, work comp costs and lead-time for our staffing managers. Because we’re independent, we pass savings on to you-money you’d end up spending on extra fees if you let a national firm handle your search. 

What kind of background checks do we provide?
We’re one of the only staffing service in our market to conduct drug screens and basic background checks on all applicant per your request. We also check prior employment references. Upon request, we can complete a more detailed background investigation. 

98% success rate in successful temp-to-hire conversions is a statistic we like!

How will S W Staffing Solutions you time and money?
By finding appropriate, qualified, properly-vetted candidates quickly.

We do all of this so you don't have to:
  • * Read more resumes everyday than you want to imagine.
  • * Select the best candidates for a phone screen.
  • * Conduct a thorough phone screen - invite the best for an in-person interview
  • * Test each candidate on software, typing, writing and grammar skills
  • * Have two recruiters interview each candidate in person
  • * Review job history and assess each candidate for professionalism,  communication skills, initiative, presentation, adaptability and career goals. If the candidate gets a thumbs up after the in-person interview, we start the reference checking process.
  • * After the references are completed, we do a final review.
  • * When we are satisfied that the candidate meets our standards, we consider them for positions. 
  • * Background Checks, Drug Screenings, MVR's and Credit Checks
  • Making the match between client and candidate - sometimes knowing the right match just comes down to our well-honed "people sense."
We do our job right so that your time is well spent reviewing only the great candidates carefully selected for your company.

Why Hire A Temp?

  • Do you need someone full-time or part-time?
  • Is the job seasonal?
  • Do you know when you will no longer need this extra help?
  • Is this need caused by a special project that has an end date?
  • Do you need someone with specialized skills that you won't need or can't afford once the project is completed?
  • Is this an emergency caused by someone who is absent unexpectedly and is planning to return? Is the return date certain or uncertain?

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