S W Staffing Solutions Employment Agency

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How To Apply

It's really, really easy to apply for jobs. Really.

You can fill out a short application send it to us and let us find you a job, request your interview.

It's honestly that simple. Fax or Email your resume.

Know what to expect on assignment.
  1. Before starting an assignment, 

    We make it easy to get paid.

    S W Staffing Solutions offers simple and easy-to-use time recording tools to help you track your hours and ensure you get paid promptly for all the time you put in. Plus, we offer the convenience of direct deposit, giving you access to your money as fast as possible. 

    We take diversity seriously.

    Our employees understand information about our commitment to creating a climate where the different perspectives that diversity brings to its business are valued. Attracting and developing a diverse workforce that reflects the communities in which we serve is at the foundation of this precept.

  2.  S W Staffing Solutions recruiter will work closely with you to ensure you are prepared to succeed. They will go over the details of your specific assignment, environment, location and coworkers. We have written resource to refer to, ensuring you know what to bring with you every day, your wages and taxes, and actions and attitudes that are expected of you.